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Top 5 Cottage Yard Sports

Top 5 Cottage Yard Sports

Well it looks like the summer weather has finally turned a corner – and that means it’s time to get your outdoor sport on! While lakeside chilling and all the requisite cottage watersports are a natural focus up at the lake, it’s nice to mix things up once in a while. This is especially true in thinking forward to the fall (or spring) when the weather might be a bit too chilly to be lounging in the lake. Below is a breakdown of the five key outdoor sports that can be set up in a DIY way at the cottage – arranged from the relatively easy to implement to the somewhat more involved. Sports!


How is this one not an Olympic sport yet?! Most of us have fond memories of tetherball growing up, although there’s a good chance you got bopped in the face once or twice when you weren’t paying enough attention. This one can keep the kids happy for way longer than you might expect and is relatively simple to set up. Check out this easy-to-follow video on how to make your own tetherball dream a reality. You’ll be waxing nostalgic in no time…

Punching bag

If there are folks in your family who are into martial arts, or you have kids with lots of extra energy to burn then this one might be for you. The most straightforward option would be a traditional punching bag, but why not go big and install a full-on kickboxing bag?  Here’s the deets on how to do it.


This is definitely a sport that ranges nicely from a casual rally to an intense workout – depending on what you and your fellow players are looking for. One catch, however, is the need for still weather (an absence of wind) or else the birdies are going to be flying all over the place – so just keep in mind that if your cottage property is often breezy then this one might not be the best fit.  Here is a step-by-step overview of how to git’er done.


This one is quite possibly the most classic cottage backyard sport. Everyone has their own unique horseshoe toss or two and it’s an activity that can easily get the whole family involved.  But keep in mind that some horseshoes can get quite heavy, so it might be a good idea to tack on a lighter set of shoes for those on the family who may not be the most strapping. Check out this video on how to set up your own pitch today!

Putting green

Dad is sure to love this one, but others are probably going to get into it more than you expected – especially if you implement a few innovative ‘hazards’ so it’s a bit like mini putt! This could be a simple pendulum or some tubes that will keep things exciting for the kidos. Here’s a great do-it-yourself guide for how to make a putting green a reality at the cottage.

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