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Top 5 Cottage Hacks

Top 5 Cottage Hacks

Every cottage is unique, but cottagers often grapple with many of the same problems – so why not share innovative solutions? Here’s our top five…

Freezer Ballast

Power outages are a common occurrence in cottage country, and unless you don’t have food in your fridge or you have a power generator, you risk food going bad when the power is out for multiple hours on end. To buy a bit more time, one cheap solution is to keep one or two ice packs in permanent residence in the freezer. It won’t get the power back on but will for sure buy some time – which could make all the difference in keeping your favourite ice cream on life support.

Dishwasher Stash Box

Many cottages run the risk of rodents or insects getting into open food unless it’s properly secured. One easy option is to repurpose your cottage dishwasher when you aren’t using it. It’s water tight and even has a locking mechanism to keep the most ambitious pests away from your food. So next time before you leave the cottage consider storing a few food items in there for good measure.

Liver in the Spring

For those rustic cottagers who still use the great outhouse, it’s important to make sure that things are going ok down below. A trick that has been passed down from past generations – but you might not be aware of – is to chuck a raw piece of cow liver down there in the spring. It’s just the thing to get the necessary bio wheels a-spinning.

Realtor Box

Lots of cottages share a common access road with a locked gate to keep unwanted guests out. But a problem can arise when guests are coming to visit and need to get in. One easy solution is to keep a realtor box secured by the gate containing a key to open your gate. Most realtor boxes have a four digit combination that can be customized – so it’s easy to remember.

Bedding Containers

Most cottagers and their guests are willing to settle for something shy of freshly starched linens but it’s important to keep the bedding clean. One solution for cottages that don’t have an on-site washing machine is simply to use labeled Rubbermaid containers for each set of bedding. This doesn’t get rid of the need to do a load of bedding laundry from time to time but if you have recurring guests using the same bed it can avoid doing laundry after each usage.


…Happy hacking !

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