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Top 5 Cosy Cottage Comforts

Top 5 Cosy Cottage Comforts

The leaves are turning colour for autumn and winter will be here soon enough. For most folks this means winding down cottage operations for the season, but there’s a unique benefit to fall and winter cottaging. It’s a different vibe than the summer, and can be remarkably comfortable with a few small preparations ahead of time – here are our top five!

  1. Pre-stock your fireplace

It takes only a little bit of time, but your future self will appreciate it when it rolls into a frigid cottage that hasn’t been heated in days.  This means not just stocking your indoor wood supply but also going the extra little bit and prepping up a pre-made fire that will be easy to light with the strike of a match. Don’t forget to use lots of dry wood, ample kindling, and stock up on birch bark if you have it on your property.

  1. Invest in an electric blanket

This will be your number one hack for your arrival at an icy cottage. The air will be cold, and beds, chairs and sofas will be frigid and take hours to warm up.  But with a handy dandy electric blanket you can warm up instantly upon arrival. An easy option is to just lay the electric blanket out across a sofa in front of the fireplace. Heat from two angles!

  1.  Slippers are your best friend

Cottage floors often stay cool even if the air in the cottage is warmer,  which means your body heat is being drawn out of you constantly. Investing in a nice pair of slippers – ideally warm and fuzzy ones but with a firm rubber bottom – will help keep you cozy and also help prevent you from getting sick.

  1. Stock up your stash box

With snow coming, the logistics of bringing in cottage provisions gets harder and harder – so why not pre-arrange some staples? Anything that freezes well, such as just-add-water or dry microwaveable products are ideal. Our favourites are hot chocolate powder, microwave popcorn, instant coffee and cup-a-soup. None of these are enough for a proper meal, but they are a quick energy boost, can warm you up, and are one less thing to trek in later through the snow.

  1. Stock up on movies

Being at the cottage is all about the great outdoors. But with days getting shorter and shorter this time of year, you’ll end up spending more time inside. How about watching some of those classic movies you haven’t gotten around to yet?


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