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How to prepare the best property submission

How to prepare the best property submission

Let’s make your cottage submission the best property listing it can be!

In this post, we have provided some pointers to help guide new users as they prepare property submission content for the first time. The ultimate goal is to help the property to stand out amongst other property submissions, entice more people to click on the property for further details, and provide all the key info a prospective buyer is looking for in a well-packaged and attractive manner.

More specifically, we would strongly recommend that you:

See what others are doing

A good first step is to look around the site and get ideas from other submissions.

Stick to the truth

It’s important to not exaggerate facts or state things that are untrue.

Tell a good story

Try to write your submission so that the content is appealing to readers. It is useful to put oneself in the position of a prospective buyer who is perusing the site – what info would they be looking for?

Keep it simple

Less is often more. Try to avoid jargon and flowery language.

Make the first impression count

Try to make an instant impact and engage the reader. Make sure you choose the best photo for your front page photo.  Also, think about the best opening sentence in your written description so that you capture the essence of your cottage up front.

Get the best photos

Make sure to upload key photos that capture the most attractive features of your cottage and property.  It is advisable to take photos in the summer months when the sun is shining and plants are in full bloom. Don’t forget the key to a great photo is: composition, focus and lighting. Be sure to upload several photos so that the reader gets a good sense of the cottage and property.

Review content before posting

Be sure to re-read your content at least once before uploading.

Consider “Featuring” Your Property

Don’t forget to consider “featuring” your property so you get the maximum traffic to your post!  You can find more information about Featured Properties on our FAQ page.


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