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Guide for Wasaga Beach Cottages

Guide for Wasaga Beach Cottages

Wasaga Beach is a town located in Simcoe County, Ontario (coordinates: 44.5206° N, 80.0167° W). Located along the southern end of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach is a popular summer tourist destination boasting the longest freshwater beach in the world (14km). The word term “wasaga” is of Algonquin origin, referring to “mouth of the river.”

It was during the 1940s when locally-posted military officers began to favour the region, which helped to make Wasaga Beach well known across Canada. Following WWII, Wasaga Beach became a very popular destination for cottagers.

Today, the region is home to approximately 17,000 full-time residents and 16,000 seasonal and part-time residents. Wasaga Beach is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada based on population growth percentage (21.0% over 5 years). Approximately two hours north of Toronto, it is estimated that over two million people visit Wasaga Beach every summer.

Wasaga Beach’s location on the waters of Nottawasaga Bay means its summer temperatures are somewhat controlled by the water, so summer days tend to be more comfortable than days that are hot in Toronto. However the winters can be quite brisk.

Cottage Market

For the past several years, Wasaga Beach has been in the midst of a building boom.  Due to Wasaga Beach’s proximity to Toronto, there is a considerable inflow of investment capital from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

As location tends to be the greatest contributor to real estate value, Wasaga beach cottages situated closest to the beach tend to involve the highest prices.

Note that the beach is divided into smaller sections, with the public beaches numbered 1 to 6 from east to west. Beach 1 typically draws the largest crowds, with the popularity of the beaches decreasing as one heads to the west.

Generally speaking, inexpensive non-waterfront properties tend to start out in the $150-170K range, while similar waterfront lots usually start out at the $175-$200K mark. A price range of $250-275K should be considered for larger cottages (2-3 bedrooms) which increases to the $300-$500K range when such a cottage is located by the water.  The minimum asking price for a larger cottage (3+ bedrooms) usually falls in the $400K+ price range.

Local Amenities

Naturally, the most common activities pertain to enjoying the legendary beach and its surroundings.  Sunrise and sunset walks along Wasaga Beach are a favourite, as well as cooling off with swims in the clean waters during the hottest part of the day while enjoying views of the Niagara Escarpment.  Others may prefer to play beach volleyball and sunbathe.

The Wasaga Beach area provides many recreational trails that are used for hiking and cycling in the summer as well as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. Game fishing is also a common pastime, as are exploring the various local canoe routes. There is a boardwalk which spans most of the way along Beach 1 and 2.

The town also has several community centres, including the Rec-Plex, an amphitheatre and a YMCA.  Transit service in Wasaga Beach is operated by Georgian Coach Lines.

Did you know?

On November 30, 2007, a very large fire destroyed between 50-70% of the buildings along the main street, including 5 apartments and 17 businesses, and is considered one of the biggest and most disastrous fires ever in Wasaga Beach’s history.

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